RTBgoal is a Full-Stack programmatic marketing platform. we are enabling our own Data Management Platform (DMP) based Demand Side Platform and Supply Side Platform for buyers and sellers to reach their RTBgoal


Data-Driven Buying to reach your targeted Audience

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Multi Capability

You can reach your right audience via real time Bidding with relevant publishers

We enabling all technology features to target your audience without any limit. We offering wide- variety of features as per IAB standards.

Also we providing state-of-art fraud production and your brand safety while Real Time Bidding.

  • IAB's OpenRTB 2.x/3.0
  • Massive Bids per Second
  • Partnerships with various SSPs
  • Data Decides Everything
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Premium Selling to reach your targeted Revenue

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Multi Capability

You can reach your maximum ad revenue generation via premium selling with relevant ads while maintaining right ad viewing experience of your audience .

We providing multi-channel support to reach your goal via cross platform, device , ad formats , etc

  • IAB's OpenRTB 2.x/3.0
  • HeaderBidding Support
  • Partnerships with various DSPs
  • Selling at massive scale
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Data-Driven Decision Making

we are maintaining our own first-party data management platform to make intelligent decision making on the fly

Real Time Bidding

we following IAB’s OpenRTB standard to reach real time buying and selling goals.

Header Bidding

we solving publishers monetization and revenue optimization using header bidding to boost up their revenue at premium selling.


RTBGoal is a Programmatic Marketing Platform that enables full-stackmarketing automation technologies tobuying and selling Advertising
Inventories at Real-Time around the world.
We are anabling data-driven marketing to reach your RTB goal.
Our mission is to providing themarketing automation solution as efficient and effective for Buyers and Sellers by using real-time data.

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We are fully based on data-driven marketing as:
Data → Information → Knowledge → Understanding → Decision Making → Reaching your RTBGoal


We are collecting real time data about Users/Viewers


Information will retrived from Data that we collected form various Users/Viewers


Our internal systems/algorithms are gaining knowledge from information


From knowledge our internal systems are understand about Users/Viwers


Based on that well understanding our internal systems makes decision


Finally our internal systems are helping you to reach your RTBGoal

Meet The Company

Our Head Office : 200 Consumers Road, Suite 308, Toronto, Ontario M2J 4R4

Markham Branch : 7351 Victoria Park Avenue Unit 4, Markham, Ontario L3R 3A5

Richmond Hill Branch : 180 Brodie Drive ,Unit 5, Richmond Hill, Ontario,L4B 4W6

Business Hour : Our support is available Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (EST).

Our History

YesUp Media moved to its current location, 200 Consumers Road (Unit 308) and restructured the company due to the expansion.

YesUp merged with Promobiz, a full-service multicultural advertising agency, which allowed YesUp to further expand their marketing services.

YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc. officially change name to YesUp Media Inc. to better express the new services and products portfolio.

YesUp Media Inc. not only helps clients navigate through the ever-changing online marketplace and provide them with dynamic solutions, but also aim to provide the best traditional marketing portfolio to maximize business exposure in the local markets.

YesUp constructed its own 25,000 sqft data center. It uses the latest Green technology in the industry. This allowed YesUp to meet their customers’ needs and demands on a local basis.

Meanwhile, YesUp’s team of 80+ employees launched the dedicated hosting and High Speed Internet services which are focused in Ontario and Québec. YesUp’s proficient engineers, dedicated 24/7 staff and exclusive technology ensure minimal latency and fast connections to the Internet.

YesUp moved to 565 Gordon Baker Road and restructured the company.

The new location was 35,000 sqft. 10,000 sqft was used for office space and 25,000 sqft used for the data center.

By organizing departments and redrafting job descriptions, YesUp created a clear and concise hierarchy for all positions. They also moved up the scale as a medium-sized business.

New products were launched, including AdOnion, Anpopo & An’s family and MyAdMarket.

The company size also doubled. With quick and steady development, YesUp moved to a larger office while the number of employees boomed from 15 to 34.

YesUp established a new branch in Guangzhou, China as well.

YesUp’s most competitive product, Clicksor was launched.

It was the start of a new era for YesUp.

YesUp was incorporated. Jeff and Patrick Zeng, the two brothers (CEO and Director, respectively) rented a 500 sqft office without heat and air conditioning.

The company only consisted of 5 people at the time.

YesUp was established.

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YesUp Media
200 Consumers Road, Suite 308,
Toronto, Ontario M2J 4R4
P: 1-416-499-8009
@: info@rtbgoal.com